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About Us

The International Sandwich Shop is proudly a family-owned and family-operated bakery and deli in Macomb,

Illinois and Western Illinois University. For over 30 years of serving the community, it is continuously voted one of the best in the midwest--with visitors traveling from all over the United States to fulfill their craving for a handcrafted sub. What makes our sandwich so special, you may ask? Perhaps it is our original family owned bread recipe and freshly baked (in house) bread, specialty deli meats that are sliced daily, and homemade ingredients that give our sandwich an incredible taste! 


Our menu includes classic submarine sandwiches with special ingredients like "Rays Special Sauce" or

homemade tuna. For an international twist we offer flavorful mediterranean wraps, including the famous, hand cut Gyros and real, Italian, meatballs cooked to perfection. 


We make it our priority to provide our customers with the cleanest, friendliest, and freshest service in

Macomb. We also cater for special occasions--office parties, conferences, orientations, weddings--with a menu crafted specifically to fit your catering needs. Call us for free delivery all day, or come in today! We promise you'll be back again. 

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